Emily Kiburz-Grimes – Experienced ELL Teacher

About Emily Kiburz-Grimes

Emily Kiburz-Grimes has close to 15 years of experience as an English Language Learners (ELL) teacher, with much of this being with Lincoln Public Schools, which she joined in 2005. While Emily Kiburz-Grimes initially served as an ELL teacher, she received a promotion in 2013 and served as a team leader in addition to her teaching role.

During her time with the school system, Ms. Kiburz-Grimes contributed to the design and implementation of the ELL language and content curriculum, utilizing the SIOP model, for grades 6 to 12. She also implemented a variety of educational technologies to improve lesson quality, student results, and inform the continuous improvement process.

In 2018, Ms. Kiburz-Grimes took a position as a learning and development specialist with Bass Pro Shops & Cabela's CLUB. While there, she oversaw the creation of LMS courses for students and coordinated with a variety of internal and external partners to manage the online delivery of classes.

Ms. Kiburz-Grimes has also raised and trained a therapy dog named Olive, who is now retired.